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Nolan Manning

digital artist and designer

Hey, I'm Nolan

I'm a Boston-based artist and designer, currently studying digital art and game design at Northeastern University. My greatest passion is game design, but I believe that all the different areas of art and design tie into each other. That's why I also involve myself with graphic design, web design, digital and fine art, video production, animation, and any other creative media that I have the chance to work with. I love collaborating with other people who are passionate about designing and producing unique and compelling experiences. If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email at You can also take a look at my resume right here. Thanks!

Game Projects

'Space Time Gladiators'
is a platform brawler game about momentum. Pick up speed and smash into your opponents to deal damage. There are currently five different game modes, and several different map generation presets. I am a designer and artist on the project. Despite being in the pre-alpha stage, this game was selected for exhibition at the 2013 Boston Festival of Indie Games.

'Working Title' is a surreal, narrative-driven platform game with a unique painterly art style. It is currently a work in progress, but you can check out the website which was designed by William Herbert and coded by me. I am in charge of the art on the project.

'Ascent' is a very short platforming time trial game starring an Eskimo who wants to see the sunset from the peak of an ice-covered mountain. I developed the entire game in one day with GameMaker.